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BBT thermometer

Fertility Awareness Method

Use the SymptoThermal Method to track your fertility signs to avoid or achieve conception, naturally.

herbalism for women's health

Gauge overall health

Your menstrual cycle is your 5th vital sign. What is yours telling you?

menstrual cycle lunar cycle

Get in tune with nature & your body

Use the phases of your cycle –menstruation, ovulation, etc. – to help guide your life.

period tracker menstrual journal

Life Changing Features

Circular Calendar

Cycles are not linear, so neither are the calendar pages in this calendar journal. As you begin writing down body observation notes such as energy, mood, breast tenderness, cervical fluid, PMS symptoms, etc., you’ll soon see your unique cyclical patterns emerge.

Going “Old School” with Pen & Paper

Studies show that writing by hand increases memory recall and the ability to synthesize data and understand conceptual ideas. Interpreting your fertility signs and choosing what to do with that info takes time to learn (at least 3 cycles). Plus, you'll maintain more independence away from your phone and 100% control of your private information.

New Moon Wishes

Write down your new moon wishes and harness the power of both the moon’s and menstrual cycle’s ebb and flow energy to rest or take action as inspired. The menstrual cycle has long been associated with the the moon, both having about a 29 day cycle. Inside, you’ll find guidance on how to use these naturally available resources to help guide your life.

Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

This journal contains graph paper to chart your BBT. Interpreting your BBT allows you to know: if and when you ovulate, when you are fertile, when you will get your period, if there is a potential medical concern to be aware of, and if you are pregnant. Educational resources are provided inside.

ka∙pu | ˈkäpō | noun

(in Hawaiian traditional culture and religion)

Taboo or Sacred.

A set of rules and prohibitions for everyday life. 

We value the word kapu in this capacity: this word recognizes that something can be sacred, and still taboo, much like women's health has been throughout the world's most modern history. Kapu seeks to keep women's reproductive parts and holistic health every bit as sacred as it always has been, with less of the taboo quality.

Start Tracking Today

Track your cycle and you’ll see you are not unpredictable, your body will no longer confuse you, and you’ll understand why the menstrual cycle was once regarded as sacred.

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