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Episode 8: Using your menstrual cycle to guide your life with Herbalist, Veronica Ricksen

Woodall Wellness Podcast

ka∙pu | ˈkäpō | noun

(in Hawaiian traditional culture and religion) Taboo or Sacred. A set of rules and prohibitions for everyday life. 

We value the word kapu in this capacity: this word recognizes that something can be sacred, and still taboo, much like women's health has been throughout the world's most modern history. Kapu seeks to keep women's reproductive parts and holistic health every bit as sacred as it always has been, with less of the taboo quality.

Calendar Praise

Food and Herbs!

Since using the calendar, I’m much more aware of my changing mood, tendencies and hormone changes throughout my cycle. I also love how the calendar has suggestions for foods and herbs to nourish my body throughout the different phases of my cycle.

Madison B., Vacaville, CA

It's About Damn Time!

I’m really into this calendar. I didn’t think I'd be able to get into the whole journaling thing, but it’s been very useful and interesting learning about my cycle. Turns out, I knew very little about how my body works. I’m 32. It’s about damn time! 

Molly, Menstrual Calendar Journal

My Partner is Happy!

The calendar is fun, encouraging, and supportive in learning fertility awareness. My partner is happy we can notice patterns in my body, mood, etc also! I love that the calendar is inclusive of all cycles and how they take form.

Gabriella R., San Leandro, CA

Kinder to Myself

The calendar has helped me be kinder to myself when I'm not at my best and plan around that more. I also have more tools to help me improve the negative symptoms of my cycle.

Ashley R., Oakland, CA

Our Cycles as Seasons!

My favorite feature of the calendar is thinking of the different phases of our cycles as seasons. I've used this analogy with clients, and this helped them shift view on their moods.

Amanda N., Berkeley, CA

Empowered vs. Ashamed

Understanding that everything my body goes through during the cycle is normal is empowering, as opposed to being ashamed and grossed out.

Lauren A., Oakland, CA

Your Own Guide Book

It's easily to mentally track when there are smooth waters, but when they get choppy, it's so good to consult your own guide book, your calendar, that says, 'this is where you are at right now and that's why you feel this way.' 

Anna F., Mariposa, CA


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Menstrual Calendar Journal

track your cycle, change your life