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Kombu and oat Face Mask
Kombu - star ingredient in Kapu's Face Mask

Face Mask

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Gently exfoliate, detoxify, and moisturize skin with this Face Mask. Just add a bit of water to a bit of the Face Mask and you're all set to have a mini spa date with yourself! 

If you've ever touched seaweed, you know how slippery and slimy it can be. Well this slippery quality is called a "demulcent" plant and is a true skin-healing remedy. Kombu, a star ingredient in this Face Mask, has to be the most demulcent plant I've ever touched and will soothe and moisturize skin. 

Oats will gently exfoliate, soothe, and moisturize skin.

Rhassoul is a mineral rich clay that's been used as a skin conditioner for 1,000+ years. It swells when in contact with water, then shrinks as it dries, helping to cleanse pores.

Use at least 1-2x / weekly. But, it's gentle and nourishing enough to use daily!

All Organic Ingredients: Oats, Rhassoul Clay, Kombu and Rose petals

4oz. Amber Glass Jar