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Hey! I’m Veronica, creator of Kapu, a holistic care company for women.

I’m a clinical Western herbalist, life-long learner, educator, and love making things and offering resources that I use and believe other women would benefit from too. 

Kapu began out of a need to take care of myself. I used hormonal birth control and prescription acne medication from ages 15 to 25. Finally, and thank goodness, I decided to find a natural and safe way to manage my fertility and heal my skin. 

Once I made this decision, my life changed and led me to the work I do today.

I make natural skin care-- like really natural, the kind where you can actually understand what each ingredient is, which is sooo important for the overall health of your precious body. 

I make yoni steam stools so that women can take care of their lady parts, have healthy menstrual cycles, and a soothing postpartum experience. You can see me doing my thing in my family’s woodshop shown above (check out the FAQ to learn more about yoni steaming). 

And, I created a Menstrual Calendar Journal so that you can track your menstrual cycle and fertility. The benefits of cycle tracking have been more than I can put in words and something I believe every menstruating woman would benefit from.

Kapu is dedicated to supporting women who want to live in tune with nature and their bodies. Kapu's product offerings will continue to evolve over time as I think up new ways to offer holistic care for women!

Xoo, Veronica

ka∙pu | ˈkäpō | noun

(in Hawaiian traditional culture and religion) Taboo or Sacred. A set of rules and prohibitions for everyday life. 

I value the word "Kapu" in this capacity: this word recognizes that something can be sacred, and still taboo, much like women's health has been throughout the world's most modern history. Kapu seeks to keep women's reproductive parts and holistic health every bit as sacred as it always has been, with less of the taboo quality.