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Why Ovulating is so Important

Why Ovulating is so Important

Ovulating is so important because...

It enables the body to get the benefits of progesterone. Ovulating regularly is the only way to make progesterone. Some key benefits of progesterone include:
  • a calming restorative effect to the nervous system
  • promotes good sleep and a good mood
  • keeps estrogen in check so that abnormal growths don’t occur in the uterus and breasts
  • helps promote the long-term health of the brain, bones and cardiovascular system
“Each and every ovulatory cycle is like a deposit into the bank account of long-term health.” - Lara Briden, Naturopathic Doctor

Do you know if you're ovulating?

The best way to tell if you're having an ovulatory cycle is through tracking your basal body temperature in the morning, using a basal body temperature thermometer. Your body begins producing high levels of progesterone *after* you ovulate. Your basal body temperature, or your body's resting temperature, rises about half a degree or so after ovulation because progesterone is a heat producing hormone. This is such a beautiful way to check in on your over all health! 

Reach out with any questions! 
Warmly, Veronica
p.s. Beautiful image above is of a tiger lily that blooms the last week of July like clock work in my back yard!
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