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Skin, Cells and Exfoliation

Skin, Cells and Exfoliation

Skin is one of the most captivating subjects-- not only does it touch on the topics of ego, beauty and overall health, but it’s also our boundary to the outer world, literally and metaphorically. 

Here’s some of my favorite, fun skin facts:


  • protects us 
  • helps us regulate body temperature
  • is our largest organ of elimination (of toxins) and in general
  • is a Sensory Organ
    • we can engage the parasympathetic Nervous System (aka rest and digest mode) through physical touch and nourishing our skin 
    • the skin and nervous system are deeply connected and developed together in our mom’s womb
  • produces Vitamin D through exposure to the sun
  • is an incredible way to deliver medicine into our body


  • 1 million skin cells are shed per hour - this is called cell slough 
  • Within 70 years, we shed our skin 840 times (like a snake kinda!)
  • We shed over 40 lbs of skin cells over a lifetime
  • 90% of household dust is skin cells

Exfoliating body scrubs stimulate the circulatory system, help get the lymph flowing, leave skin soft and more vibrant and are a delight to the senses.

Scrubs are one of those luxury items that I’d see at shops and want (I’ve been obsessed with them since I was 8 and received my first one as a gift from my dad), but would never treat myself to.

So, I decided to make my own!-- free of preservatives and extra ingredients that don't benefit the skin. Most store bought scrubs (and skin care items in general) contain endocrine disrupting ingredients (read my blog on this here!) which negatively impact hormones in our body, including sex hormones (aka problems with the menstrual cycle and fertility).

My Silky Smooth Body Scrub exfoliates, nourishes the nervous system, and deeply moisturizes the skin (and feels like you just bathed in fresh forest water).

Give it a try today! Treat yourself!

Hugs, Veronica 

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