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Red Raspberry Leaf: Female Reproductive Tonic as a Delicious Sweet Tea!

Red Raspberry Leaf: Female Reproductive Tonic as a Delicious Sweet Tea!

Red Raspberry Leaf and nectarine iced tea in the making! It’s been 100+ degrees for a few days now, plus I'm currently pregnant, adding to my heat troubles ;) This drink is absolutely heavenly and is saving me!

Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus) tastes gently sweet and earthy, and is a uterine and pelvic tonic. The way I’ve made it here tastes like what I imagine an authentic Southern sweet tea would be like, except it’s incredibly healthful.

Red Raspberry Leaf women's health

Red Raspberry Leaf is beneficial for all phases of the female life cycle from menses and pregnancy to menopause and it's just plain tasty and nutritious!

Since I’m in my last 2 months of pregnancy, I’ll be drinking about 3 cups of this infusion daily to help prepare for childbirth. It’s not necessary, but I like the way it tastes, it’s nutritious and why not give a little extra tone and strength to my uterine muscles for the herculean feat it’s going to do soon!

This herb is typically thought of as a pregnancy herb, but it’s beneficial to all bodies, all the time because it’s high in minerals like potassium, zinc, magnesium and calcium.

I buy nutritious and gentle herbs like this and Nettle Leaf in bulk because when making an herbal infusion, you want at least a handful of herb per 32 ounces of water, so it gets used quickly! Mountain Rose Herbs, Pacific Botanicals in Oregon and Starwest Botanicals are some of my favorite online, high-quality suppliers to source herbs from. 

Let it steep for 4 hours to overnight, strain and enjoy warmed up or kept chilled in the fridge.

female reproductive herbs

I added sliced fresh nectarines to the dried nettle herb in the mason jar, then added freshly boiled water to cover. I let it steep 4 hours on my countertop, then placed in the fridge to start chilling for an hour. I strained the spent herbs and nectarines, and was left with a deliciously naturally sweetened, herbal tea. You can also add a bit of raw honey if you like. 

The combo of Raspberry Leaf with nectarines or peaches is super good-- tastes like a sweetened iced black tea. Yum!

Any questions? Just ask! 

Xoxoxox, Veronica

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